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Our blogs – Chef’s Tricks and Worldwide Paleo are run by my husband and I – Mhilanz.

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As a female Chef of increasing experience (I hate to say advancing years!) – I found that switching from the heavy Wüsthof Chef’s knife  I started with, to a lighter and thinner Japanese knife (like this) resolved my shoulder pains almost instantly. The thinner blade makes cutting a lot easier, the downside is that it is not suitable for ‘General purpose’ duties that you shouldn’t really use a knife for. It is a fine tool with a delicate but super sharp edge as the steel is harder and therefore more likely to chip if used carelessly. I still have my Wüsthof  for these duties. This knife has taken a beating over the years, but remains loyal to me.

So, here is our collected wisdom and a fantastic range of knives for your kitchen. There are no cheap and nasty knives, no fake specials – Just quality knives I would use myself. I have 3 sets already, so I have to wear those out before buying more.


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