Gyutou Knife

Benefits of Gyutou Knife: Many people use the gyutou knife to cut vegetables and fish. The gyutou knife is also called a japanese kitchen knife, which is used for delicate cuts for example for steamed fish. The knife has also been known to produce fine cuts for other food like meat. This article will give […]

Yo Deba Knife

The Yo Deba Knife is the most commonly advertised knife of its type anywhere. This multi-functional, multi-tool, multi-blade knife is a remarkable creation and is very similar in appearance to some of the old Japaneses great multi-functional pocket knives that we often see today. It is basically a combination of a paring knife, a kitchen […]

Sujihiki Knife

A Sujihiki Knife is a distinctive type of traditional chef knives which is popularly used in Japanese cuisine. Like any good chef’s knife, the steel blades of a sujihiki knife are designed to retain a sharp, fine edge over time and also to be able to deliver a really effective chop. This is because the […]

Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife is a popular tool used by many cooks today. The Santoku is one of the oldest Japanese knives and dates back to 1704. In addition to its popularity in Japan, it is also well known all over the world. The Santoku knife contains a single fixed blade that can be converted into […]

Nakiri Knife

A lot of kitchen knives are shaped like a knife, but it is important that the one you buy meets your needs. It’s not enough to buy just any knife, even if it looks good. You will have to look at how functional it is, its balance, strength, and balance. There are different types of […]

Honesuki Boning Knife

The classic traditional Japanese boned knife for chicken called the Sabaki or Honsai knife is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular cooking tools for chefs and cooks. The Sabaki/Honsai boning knife is different from the more common Western style Boning Knife in several key ways which not only establishes it as an individual […]

Petty Japanese Knife

Many people are unaware of the existence of the Petty Japanese Knife. In fact, most collectors of Japanese knives are not aware of the existence of this type of knife in the first place. This knife is actually a small sized folding knife that was used by Japanese farmers to do some day-to-day tasks. It […]

Unagisaki Hocho Knives

The Unagisaki Hocho Knife is a well-known manufacturer of traditional Japanese knives. This family owned and operated company began inashi in the year 1815. A great number of skilled blacksmiths and skilled workers form this company. These workers are continuously made aware of the latest techniques and skills necessary to create masterpieces that are recognized […]

Soba Kiri Knives

Soba Kiri knives are nothing but one of the most special knives that could be used in Japan. These knives are of different types and shapes, all of which have their own specific features. As compared to other kitchen knives, these knives are much more specialised and are not common with the general masses. The […]

Udon Kiri Knives

For people who are looking for a great Japanese kitchen knife to buy, the Udon Kiri knife is a great option. This is one of the oldest and most popular kitchen knives in Japan. It is also called the Kiromaki knives, which means “knives of red clay.” The reason that they are called such is […]