The takobiki was originally designed and crafted by the founder of Masamoto Sohonten, Minosuke Matsuzawa. It serves as the Kanto region (Tokyo) variation of the yanagi knife, and is used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi. There are rumors that centuries ago when chefs prepared sashimi in front of their guests, it was considered […]

Knife Basics

Japanese or German knives? Japan and Germany are thought of as two of the most important centres of the world’s kitchen knife industry, with Solingen in Germany and Seki in Japan at the heart of knife production in those countries. Both countries produce highly sought-after knives for professional kitchens — but what makes them so […]

Knife styles

Western Chef’s knife – Usually 200mm long (8″) and used for everything Paring – Small detail knife Pointed paring– Longer detail knife Utility – Between the Chef’s knife and a paring  knife Bread knife – Scalloped edge Sausage knife – Smaller version of a bread  knife – Used for dried meats Carving knife – For […]