Straight meat fork or slicing fork

The other half of the carving set. The long, cone-shaped tines sink deep into the meat and maintain a firm hold on the roast or ham as you slice it. Blood or juice will not leak out. CLASSIC Straight meat fork – 4413 / 20 cm (8″) Uses To hold roasts, ham or poultry in […]


A versatile kitchen aid, which can be used to smooth cream and icing and for spreading dough. The spatula, which is available in many different variants, can also be used for loosening and turnover over pancakes. GOURMET Spatula – 4430 / 25 cm (10″) Uses Smoothing and spreading cream, dough and icing. Turning over pancakes.

Salmon slicer

The clue to what this knife is used for is in the name: The particularly long and flexible blade makes it easy to cut salmon in wafer-thin slices. This knife is also excellent for cutting fine slices from a whole ham. CLASSIC Salmon slicer – 4542 / 32 cm (12″) Uses Slicing salmon and ham.

Santoku cook’s knife

The Santoku (“Knife with three virtues” in English) is a blade shape originating in Asia. The wide blade and particularly sharp edge make it especially suitable for preparing sushi and sashimi – but it’s also ideal for the finest cutting tasks in the kitchen. In contrast to the European cook’s knife, the blade is wider, […]

Cook’s knife

The cook’s knife – an all-rounder in the kitchen! With it’s traditional blade shape, it is one of the most frequently used types of knife. The long, wide, curving blade makes it possible to use a professional dicing technique. It can also be used to chop and slice, flatten, shape and pick foods up. The […]

Carving knife

Roasts, ham or poultry – raw or cooked – the carving knife will cut and serve them all without any problem. This firm, not too heavy knife with a slender blade works perfectly alongside the carving fork. CLASSIC Carving knife – 4522 / 20 cm (8″) Uses Serving roasts, ham or poultry Chopping large fruits […]

Bread knife

This knife can do more than cut hard or soft bread. The robust serrated edge along the length of the blade can cope with any crust – crispy roasts can also be cut precisely. Large fruits with a firm skin can also be chopped with precision using this knife. CLASSIC Bread knife – 4150 / […]

Fillet knife

This knife is outstanding thanks to its thin, flexible blade, making it possible to cut/fillet very precisely. This specialist knife is therefore best suited to filleting fish and meat. Using this knife, the fibres you cut through are separated extremely cleanly. CLASSIC Fillet knife – 4550 / 18 cm (7″) Uses Filleting meat and fish […]

Boning knife

This knife is ideal for removing bones and skin from meat and poultry or trimming sinews and fat. The slender, slightly curved blade makes it easy to follow the length of the bone. The pronounced bolster offers excellent protection, preventing the hand from slipping down the blade; the large handle makes it easier to put […]

Sausage knife

This medium-sized serrated knife can be used to cut many types of food with a hard or firm skin – such as fruit and vegetables, cured sausage, bread rolls or cheese. CLASSIC Sausage knife – 4110 / 14 cm (5″) Uses Chopping fruit and vegetables with a firm skin Cutting cured sausage, bread rolls and […]