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Steak knife

The smooth edge on this medium-sized knife cuts through meat easily and cleanly. This makes the knife perfect for serving meat at the table and for cutting steaks.

CLASSIC Steak knife – 4068 / 12 cm (4 ½”)


  • Cutting steaks
  • Serving meat at the table.

Decorating knife

A special kind of blade. The crinkled serrated edge over the entire length of the blade makes it easy to cut vegetables decoratively. You can even use it to cut butter into attractive portions.

CLASSIC Decorating knife – 4200 / 11 cm (4 ½”)


  • Chopping / decorating vegetables
  • Cutting butter into portions.

Tomato knife

The specialist for tough skin – such as tomatoes. The finely serrated edge easily cuts through the tough skin of tomatoes and cuts the flesh of the fruit into thin slices or mouth-sized pieces. Also suitable for cutting aubergines, pods or fruits such as plums, peaches or nectarines – as well as for use in a bar for making perfect cocktail decorations.

CLASSIC Tomato knife – 4109 / 14 cm (5″)


  • Chopping tomatoes and similar foods with a tough or firm skin.

Pointed paring knife

This slender knife is great for finely chopping onions, herbs and other vegetables. The narrow blade also makes this knife ideal for studding meat with garlic or bacon.

CLASSIC Paring knife – 4066 / 10 cm (4″) 9 to 12 cm available


  • Finely chopping vegetables and herbs
  • Coring fruit
  • Studding meat.

Paring knife

Cutting up apples, slicing carrots and peppers, chopping cucumber to use as decorations – the paring knife will do all of this cleanly and easily. This knife with a short blade ensures a safe hold.

CLASSIC Paring knife – 4000 / 8 cm (3″)


  • Finely chopping, cleaning, decorating fruit and vegetables etc.

Turning or peeling knife

This handy little knife with a short, beak-like/sabre-shaped blade is ideal for peeling and cleaning fruit and vegetables. The special blade shape means that the skin can be removed in a thin layer from the fruit – leaving behind the beneficial vitamins just under the skin.

CLASSIC Peeling knife – 4062 / 7 cm (2 ¾”)


  • Peeling and cleaning fruit, vegetables, potatoes etc.
  • Scooping out and decorating fruit and vegetables