Soba Kiri Knives

Soba Kiri knives are nothing but one of the most special knives that could be used in Japan. These knives are of different types and shapes, all of which have their own specific features. As compared to other kitchen knives, these knives are much more specialised and are not common with the general masses. The unique features of these knives include having an ergonomic handle, finger guard and an extended wooden handle for maximum protection of the user. This type of knife is much better suited to be used for delicate work as compared to other kitchen knives.

The soba kiri knives are a set of specialized knives intended for use in the Japanese kitchen to prepare soba noodles separately, instead of frying them. To prepare soba, the noodles are folded tightly, flattened with the soba kiri knives and cut with the appropriate soba kiri knife for long thin strands of noodles. In order to prepare these types of noodles perfectly, it is essential to use a perfect blade for each individual noodle. For this reason, the soba kiri knives have an extended wooden handle for greater protection to prevent the knives from damaging the user’s fingers.

In addition to preparing the soba itself, the soba kiri knife also has several other specific roles to play in the preparation of Japanese dishes. For example, these knives are usually used for chopping ice blocks. The chopping ice blocks are usually prepared using a traditional method of preparing Japanese green tea – by placing tea leaves on hot coals, the burning fragrance of tea becomes transformed into a strong aroma, that can be detected in many restaurants all over Japan. In order to help in making sure that the perfect aroma is produced, the specialized blades of the sobo kiri knives are pressed directly against hot metal coils located inside the electric grates of the electric kiln – the steel blade of the knife helps make sure that the right temperature is achieved.