Yo Deba Knife

Yo Deba Knife

The Yo Deba Knife is the most commonly advertised knife of its type anywhere. This multi-functional, multi-tool, multi-blade knife is a remarkable creation and is very similar in appearance to some of the old Japaneses great multi-functional pocket knives that we often see today. It is basically a combination of a paring knife, a kitchen knife, a large serrated blade and a scissors blade all in one knife. It’s also quite small in size but is probably the best compact yet multi-functional knife around. It may not be the greatest multi-tool ever made but it comes close in many ways.

Yo De Ba knives are made of different materials. The most common material used to make them is high carbon steel. High carbon steels have very little flaws in them and are perfect for a multi-tool such as this. The knife itself is made from a high carbon stainless steel and the sheath is usually made from a durable nylon or leather material.

One of the great things about the Yo Deba Knife is that it can be used for pretty much everything. It’s got a good sized opening for a multitude of uses. You could probably use it for almost any task you take up, the only thing limiting you would probably have is your imagination. Another great feature of this multi-tool is that it’s got a really nice ergonomic handle. The whole knife just slides in and out of your hand easily and this makes for a very easy to hold, operate and manage multi-tool. It’s definitely one of the more comfortable ones on the market today.

The Yo Deba utilizes the latest Shockwave technology. This revolutionary system allows the knife to be opened with just one press of a button. It is so simple in operation that it actually takes getting used to after a while. After you’ve had the chance to use one for a while you will probably wonder how you ever got along without one.

The overall size of the multi-tool is rather large as well. At 14 inches long overall it’s not something that you want to carry around as a normal pocket knife, but it can be used as such in a pinch. It’s definitely big enough to handle one to two smaller tools at a time and the extra blades on the side are ideal for when you need to open bottles or something of that nature.

One of the best features of the Yo De Ba is the clip point attachment on the handle. This is ideal for those times when you need to quickly open up something and don’t necessarily want the knife to be on display. The clip point is also perfect for those who have gloves that they want to keep covered or perhaps even those who work in an environment where they might get splinters or cuts on their hands from moving the knife.

The blade is also very sharp and is a great performer. Some reviews have noted that the blade is a bit narrow for a lot of people, but for others it’s perfect. The Yo De Ba comes with either a serrated or dulled edge. Serrated is more common with cutlery and other multi-bladed tools while dulled is more suited to other things such as opening bottles. This is definitely an option if you prefer one or the other.

Overall the Yo De Ba multi-tool is very well built. It’s not flimsy or anything like that at all. It’s a heavy duty tool that can take the beat for what it is and still come out on top. One of the best things about this multi-tool is the price. At just over twenty dollars it’s affordable for anyone to get and it’s a great tool to own.